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Marek Rutkiewicz suspended

Marek Rutkiewicz has been suspended by his team - CCC Polsat Polkowice - following the news that he tested positive during Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour (May 20-25). Polish Cycling Federation confirmed that he's under investigation, facing a disciplinary procedure. The team refused to make any further comments.

Four days ago, Pro Continental team CCC Polsat Polkowice published a short note on its website, announcing that Marek Rutkiewicz has been suspended due to problems with an anti-doping test. No details were given, so one could hardly understand what's going on. The only reason of suspension was "exceeding the allowed amount of a substance".

The whole affair popped up in the middle of Polish National Championships. Almost all cycling journalists were present there but nobody wanted to talk to them officially. The note didn't really explain the problem, so we tried to contact Piotr Wadecki - team's directeur sportif - and talk to him. He refused to answer our questions.

Soon the rumours spread and we got to know that Rutkiewicz had a positive test result during Bałtyk-Karkonosze Tour. Polish Cycling Federation confirmed the fact, issuing an announcement on its website.

Polish Cycling Federation announces that Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport issued an official notification about Marek Rutkiewicz's positive test, conducted during Bałtyk Karkonosze Tour. As a result, a disciplinary procedure has been launched - reads the statement.

The rumours I've heard say that "Rutek" took some legal drugs for tonsils and it was just 2mg over the limit. And that he informed the controlers about the usage of this substance.

Rutkiewicz was involved in Cofidis affair in 2004 but didn't receive any disciplinary penalty or suspension.

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