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Pre-Florence 2013: An interview with Łukasz Wiśniowski

Short interview with Łukasz Wiśniowski (Etixx-Ihned) who is one of three Polish U-23 riders in Florence. Łukasz is taking part in team time trial today, tomorrow he's set to ride ITT and on Friday he'll be facing 173-km route and its difficulties among best young riders in the world. 

Łukasz won 40-km time trial during Polish Nationals, he is the current holder of both time trial and road race titles in U-23 category in Poland.  Other results: 1st stage 1 Thüringen-Rundfahrt (U-23), 4th Boucle de l'Artois (2.2).

photo credit: Etixx-Ihned/Facebook

Łukasz, you taking part in thre races - team time trial, U-23 individual time trial and U-23 road race. This is a lot, especially taking into consideration that the time trials are not separated by a rest day.  What's the plan?

I think every start is important, these are the Worlds. The plan is to focus on individual time trial and road race because - let's face it - we have no chances in the team time trial.

The third start [team time trial] wasn't really on your schedule, was it?

Well, I knew that it's possible our team gets invited to take part in it but I wasn't selected to ride. Guys who aren't doing individual time trial the next day were supposed to compete but unfortunately some of them got sick and there wasn't much choice.
Road race and time trial. In which one of these you think you can perform better?

I hope to do well against the clock, especially since I crashed in the time trial during European Championships. The route is flat so it's perfect for me.

Yeah, the time trial is flat but it's also 43,5 km long. Much longer than in the previous years. In fact, I don't think U-23 riders have ever faced such a long trial.

Good to know. My hope is that the team time trial helps me prepare for the individual time trial and gets me into the right gear.

Kind of a warm-up?

Yep, exactly.

You crashed during European Championships, there's no sign of the injury now, I imagine.

Well, the sign won't disappear that quickly but it absolutely does not affect my performance. I caught a cold a couple days ago and had to do a short break in training, I missed one of the races because of that. But it's fine now. The motivation is there and we'll be fighting.

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